The Bosnia-Herzegovina league will not resume following in the footsteps of Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Scotland due to the coronavirus pandemic. The FK Sarajevo has been declared champion when eleven days were missing to finish the official competition.

The Executive Board of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Football Association has decided on Monday to discontinue both the league and the cup. The classification as it was has been considered good, therefore the one that FK Sarajevo has proclaimed winner, Željezničar, Zrinjski Mostar and Banja Luka they will go to the next Europa League, while Celik Zenica and Zvijezda 09 will be the relegated teams. Celik Zenica is the first time that it descends category.

The decision was made after the Republika Srpska Ministry of Health (one of the two political entities that make up Bosnia and Herzegovina) dhe agreed that football matches could not be restarted in that area of ​​the country until at least July 1. Despite the fact that the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced on Sunday, according to health authorities, that the sport could be resumed, the impediment to do it in that part of the country has caused the premature end of the competition.

The FK Sarajevo thus achieves its third league title, the second consecutive, but not without controversy since it had only three points ahead of its rival Željezničar.


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