At 00:00 hours, after the chimes, two events became reality. The first, that Ramos is free to leave Madrid for free. The second, which begins the final sprint of the main teams that intend to sign Alaba, who is also on the loose at zero cost. In the case of Madrid, It is the player who has indicated in his agenda in case the negotiations for the renewal of his captain do not come to fruition. According to sources close to the camero, the contacts have not yet taken place.

At 28, Alaba is a versatile defender (he can play as a central, right or left winger and even as a winger) who has already shown that he can play at the highest level without being affected by the pressure of a great. At Bayern he has won two Champions League and nine Bundesligas. Always actively participating in them, playing an average of more than 40 games per season. The Austrian, let's say, is absolutely contrasted, although it is clear that he would not have the weight in the squad that Ramos has.

The only problem for Madrid is Alaba's high financial pretensions, which is why he leaves Bayern Munich. The Austrian international aspires to collect more than ten million net per season, which for the white entity will have a cost of 20 million gross per year. And it would break the salary scale of the entity: it is what Benzema now charges and a million more than what Modric perceives, both so vital for Madrid. Adjusting that claim will be up to the defense … if he wants to wear white.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

The reality is that Alaba is today one of the main candies on the market. His representative the Pini Zahavi, one of the main ones on the international scene, and you will also want to manage a good transfer bonus for your player. The final sprint has already started for him, you also want him big like him City, United, Chelsea, PSG or even Barcelona, ​​whose presidential candidates could also use it as an electoral asset.


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