In the middle of the winter market, the Olympique de Marseille received today a piece of news that could be decisive for the future of the club. According to information from The Team, FIFA has condemned the Marseille team with the suspension of signing for the next two markets due to irregularities in the signing of Pape Gueye.

The midfielder, who yesterday could not play with his team against Guinea, He was suspended for four months without being able to play, in addition to forcing FIFA to Marseille to deposit a compensation of €2.5 million to Watford. In 2020, Gueye signed for the Hornets in the midst of a pandemic, signed a pre-agreement, but then retracted and ended up signing with Olympique de Marseille.

Shield/Flag Marseille

Despite the sanction Olympique de Marseille will resort to TAS FIFA’s verdict and has been confident about the process. The leaders of the historic French, including the Spanish Pablo Longoria, expect a favorable ruling from the CAS that will range between three and six months. Watford will also present an appeal so that OM pays him €10 million in compensation and not the 2.5 that FIFA has stipulated.