Trippier is once again at Simeone's disposal after the precautionary measures granted by the FIFA Appeal Committee Atlético's claim, as revealed The country. The English side had been sanctioned for 10 weeks by the federation of his country for a betting case, after having revealed the player inside information, specifically about his arrival at the rojiblanco team.

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That is to say that this sanction, that It prevented him from playing against Getafe and even has him on the sidelines of training for more than a week, it has been suspended. However, has not entered the call for the visit to Alavés tomorrow. The punishment schedule highlighted that Trippier would be lost at least 13 games with Atlético, including the first leg against Chelsea in the Champions League round of 16, and none with England, because the selection does not play until March. Now, those accounts are also in the air.

According to this same information, Atlético could now go to TAS to try to lower the sanction, or even cancel it. One of the arguments of the club has been precisely the moment in which the suspension was executed, and it is something that also it has aroused suspicion in FIFA. The Spanish Federation has also told him that this case is outside its competence and cannot provide protection.


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