Sports world has had access to Code of conduct of the stadiums that the FIFA for him Qatar World Cup.

A regulation that applies to all stages of the stadium, and that affects all people who have accreditations and with tickets. A code that must be strictly respected and followed also by employees, security members, volunteers, the famous “Stewards” dependent on the FIFA the of FIFA World Cup Qatar; the same applies to any public position in charge of security, health and public order. Starting with the Qatari police.

In those cases where the integrity of the attendees, deaths or the like may be in danger, both the organizers, the police and those responsible for health may adopt exceptional measures or give mandates to be fulfilled. The FIFA reverses any change that can be made on it as well as being able to incorporate more elements in the sections related to tickets, accreditations, etc. Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct implies the expulsion of the Estadio. In addition, in the case of having acted against the police or members of security, etc., they may be exposed to sanctions.

Access to the stadium with an identification document

Access to the stadiums is only allowed to accredited people or those who have tickets, they can only do so with their accreditation and ticket. In addition, at the entrance you must prove yourself with your identity card or the “Hayya Card” which is the identification document in the State of Qatar. The entrance and access to the stadiums will be determined in the tickets of each one of the pairings. And everyone must pass security cordons to access the stadium and where the organization reserves the possibility of denying access if they understand that it is a risk.

Objects totally prohibited in the stadiums. Among them the umbrellas.

The Code of Conduct also establishes the objects that are strictly prohibited in the World Cup stadiums. As is logical, any weapon, whether fired or similar (knives) that can be considered violent. Also explosives, detonators, as well as any object that can be used as a weapon or any object that security understands may endanger the integrity of the rest. This includes umbrellas or even “beach umbrellas”, helmets, etc. Also any tool and even any element of body protection or even a corset, unless a medical report is submitted. It also includes a bulletproof vest or similar protection used in martial arts or extreme sports.

Whether the burqa and e-cigarettes are allowed

If it is permitted and this is reflected in the document, the burqa or similar that serves to cover the face for religious reasons, medical masks or protective glasses. Within this wide catalog of prohibited elements, FIF A includes any that may cause a fire or Similary. Only electronic cigarettes are allowed.

This wide range of prohibitions is completed with aerosols, bottles or the like, flammable balls, bicycles, skateboards. Nor any bag that exceeds 75 centimeters. Even large amounts of paper or paper rolls will not be allowed into the stadiums. Neither can any animal enter except those that assist people who require it.

Alcohol and drugs strictly prohibited

Alcohol, except in 100-milliliter containers and for health reasons, will be totally prohibited. The same as any other liquid that exceeds this limit except baby milk or sterilized water. Containers above 500 ml would also be allowed for medical reasons and with the consequent report.

All food is prohibited except that purchased inside the stadium and that which is necessary for babies or small children.

All types of drugs, narcotics or stimulant products are also prohibited except those with a medical prescription. Medications authorized by the Qatari government may also be introduced as long as they are within the seven permitted limits.

All political content is prohibited

Very strict also in all material such as flag, banner or any type of paraphernalia that has political or discriminatory content due to race, language, religion, politics, sexual orientation, etc. Flag or banner poles are also allowed as long as they are not flammable and do not exceed one meter in length and one centimeter in diameter. Any product for commercial purposes is prohibited.

Vuvuzelas cannot be used

This extensive section of prohibited objects ends with electronic devices. Any radio electronic or radio frequency instrument that could threaten the signals of the retransmission will be totally prohibited. Any device that cannot pass through the scanner with a measurement greater than 60×40 centimeters.

And the noisy instruments that cannot be used in the next World Cup are especially striking. And here are the famous vuvuzelas from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Also whistles, megaphones, etc… Also laser pointers may not be introduced into the stadiums.

This extensive catalog concludes with any photography equipment that requires a tripod and of course drones.

Finally, it makes it clear that wheelchairs can only be in the designated area and that they can never exceed a speed of 6 kilometers per hour.

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