Fierce criticism against Alejandra Rubio after comparing herself to her grandmother, María Teresa Campos: “It’s unfortunate”

The daughter of Terel He returned this Tuesday to the program in which he works to respond to all the criticism received in recent days and far from calming the hornet’s nest, he has stirred it up even more. The attitude of Alejandra Rubioangry, irascible and haughty, has outraged many network colleagues, who have attacked her a few hours after her return to television: “I’ve missed humility.”

Luis Pliego said it in TardeAR: “Alejandra, the shame is that the interview was not prepared with humility. You cannot attack everyone. Alejandra has been very bad, very poorly advised and I should assume that she has not had a good afternoon”. He hasn’t been the only one. “I have lacked sensitivity as a mother and I have seen her nervous,” said Marta López.

But if there is something that has bothered everyone, it has been the comparison with Maria Teresa Campos: “I’m not a journalist, my grandmother wasn’t either. What’s going on?” Alejandra said. “Leave your grandmother alone. She has been one of the best communicators in this country, not to put her on the professional topic. I think it is arrogant”said Paloma Barrientos. “She who has spoken about her grandmother, she would not be happy with the attack that she has made on the media and colleagues.” Luis Pliego supported her: “You shouldn’t compare yourself to your grandmother, it’s a pitiful comparison.”

Ana Rosa, for her part, has also been harsh with Alejandra: “When you take the step, not of giving the exclusive to the magazine you want, but when you take the step of selling an exclusive of your life you have entered another site. He has every right, but he can no longer say I’m not talking about my life. And she added: “It seems perfect to me and so we have topics. But what you can’t complain about is talking about the exclusive that you have given”.