The former Real Madrid youth squad transformed, in the second, the penalty that Tobias gave him


Fidaldo, right, scored against Madrid


gentleman, A former Real Madrid youth squad player, he made it 2-2 on the scoreboard in the 82nd minute of the match between the white team and América de México. The player converted a somewhat dubious penalty that Tobias committed on Fidalgo himself.

The Spanish player, yes, put the 2-2 on the scoreboard to the second. The first time he took the penalty, Lunin saved it and also cleared the subsequent shot generated by the rejection of that penalty. However, the referee ordered the launch to be repeated because The moon he was ahead, he didn’t have a foot on the goal line, when he threw Gentleman

The one from America got ready to launch again and this time he was right, although Lunin was about to stop him again.

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