The actual security boss from Barça, the former Mosso d’Esquadra Ferran López, will cease his duties, according to information from the newspaper ‘Ara’, which ensures that both parties are negotiating the exit. López, who was a replacement for Major Trapero in the Catalan police during the application of 155, was signed by Barça last April, a few weeks after Laporta’s victory, replacing Xavier de las Moras, head of security at the time of Bartomeu.

A few weeks ago, Barça signed Mosso too Lluís Venteo, who initially arrived to reinforce López and who had participated in security tasks in high-risk matches and in fan trips. Had differences with Bartomeu’s board and some sources attribute him participation in the Barçagate investigation.

Now I Vent it looks like it’s going to rise on the ladder, according to the newspaper ‘Ara’. The reason given is a certain dissatisfaction with López’s management. According to the aforementioned information, from the club it is considered that it is not agile in decision-making and there is dissatisfaction with the Classic device, especially in the incidents with Koeman. He also sent another person to a subsequent meeting with Mossos and Guárdia Urbana and did not arrange with customs a trip of the CEO to the United States to meet with Goldman Sachs.