Fernando Verdasco talks about his beginnings with Ana Boyer: “I cheated on her”

The tennis player has opened the doors of Villameona to Bertin Osborne. Sitting in the magnificent garden of Isabel Preysler, Fernando Verdasco He has told how his beginnings were with Ana Boyer and how they have become a happy couple with two children: “At first it was very difficult. She worked in Madrid, from sunup to sundown, and I acted as her driver and took her to the office so I could see her, because there was no another hole. And when I went to the circuits we already went weeks without seeing each other”.

The man from Madrid has revealed that he met Ana during a concert of Enrique Iglesias (“We went to the dressing room to take a picture with him and Ana was there”) but it would not be until a year later when they met at a friend’s party. “Three days later, I beat Nadal for the first time after losing 13 games. I thought she had given me luck, so I left my girlfriend and set out to win her over,” she recounted. “The first few weeks we went out a lot. I took her everywhere, to dinner, to the movies, to clubs… I was pick and shovel. When that had passed a bit I told her: ‘Hey, I go to bed at 11’. She always says that I cheated on her, because the partying thing was a lie,” he recalled with a laugh.

Later, their love was consolidated: “When we had been there for a year, I told her that I wanted to get married, have children, and that was when she asked for a leave of absence from work and she really verified that I was serious, that I was not saying it to flirt with her.” Shortly after, they got engaged: “When I proposed to her, I cried more than she did. I’m very lazy. I was going to do it in India, on vacation, but I forgot my ring, and then in the Maldives, but it rained the four days we we were. In the end, I asked him at home, just the two of us”. Contrary to what everyone expected, the couple organized an intimate wedding: “Ana is very shy and we talked about it. We didn’t want a wedding in Madrid with 500 people, so we went to Moustique, where she spent the summer with her parents from small, with 60 people. You look bad with people but…”, he said.

The secrets of the Preyslers

Fernando drools when he talks about his wife: “Ana’s head is crazy. She has her father’s head, who was a brainiac, I would have loved to meet him. She has a privileged head, especially for numbers She is very educated, introverted…”. And not only with Ana: “I get along great with all of her brothers, Enrique is a lot of fun, Julio is the best, Chábeli…”, he said. “I don’t know Julio Iglesias.”

For your mother-in-law, Isabella Preysleronly has good words: “At first it’s hard to meet her, but she’s fantastic. She treats us like royalty. I’ve always gotten along great with her, from day one.”