The Spanish Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso (Alpine) lamented that they had “more pace” this Sunday to finish in a better position than ninth in the Brazilian Grand Prix, although he celebrated that both team cars scored points.

“The objective was to be both cars in the points and we achieved it. This weekend my car in race conditions was going faster, the start was not good and then the virtual safety car came. I had to return the position to Ocon” he told Dazn.

The double world champion could not perform miracles at Interlagos, where he celebrated those two titles, in a broken race ahead and without the option of gaining more positions, that is, securing the points.

“He had more rhythm than the position we finished. Our goal is to always be there fishing for some point. On Sundays we usually run a good race without failures, always adding, and that has made us strong,” he concluded.