Fernando Alonso: “It’s not what people want, but right now we’re not up for victories”


The Spanish driver Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin) recalled the “fear” they had of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and, specifically, of this Saturday’s classification at the Spanish Grand Prix, where in the end he was eleventh to have the option of fighting for points, far from opting for “podiums” and “victories” right now.

“We were very afraid of this circuit and this time trial today. With one car we chose to put three sets of tires in Q1 which is a somewhat desperate measure, but we thought that Q1 was going to be our limit, that’s how black we saw it. Placing 11th, on the verge of points tomorrow, is much better than we expected, it’s not what people want, it’s not what we want, we want to fight for podiums, for victories but right now we’re not up to it. “, he said in statements to Dazn, collected by Europa Press.

The double world champion pointed out that, thanks to this unexpected Saturday, he will at least be able to fight for points on Sunday. “A little better than expected due to the starting position, we are on the verge of the points, hopefully recovering some position, with the strategy, at the start or if it rains, if anything happens. I am more encouraged than I was before of the time trial,” he said.

“We expect many stops, silent degradation, we have to be attentive, we have all the options, let’s see if we have any advantage due to a new set of soft tires for not entering Q3,” he added.

On the other hand, Alonso explained that the improvements will be noticeable starting in Hungary. “We have everything clear but we don’t have the time machine to go back or to make the car parts from one day to the next. They are going to be races of suffering, Barcelona, ​​Austria and Silverstone, it will be difficult to even get points, Canada was a exception, and hopefully in Hungary a new Championship will begin for us,” he concluded.