Ralf Ragnick struggles to straighten out Manchester United’s season, however he is encountering many problems to raise team morale and establish a harmony to work in the best way.

The ‘red devils’ cannot take off with the German and Rio Ferdinand is clear about what should be done so that the club returns to the elite.

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“You are going to have players who are going to be bad and if they don’t play, they want it to be uncomfortable for everyone and they want to go in and change the atmosphere in the dressing room. They will be a bit distant, they will not greet people, they will not be punctual. Those players, Get out, “said the former English defender on his YouTube program, Vibe with Five.

“You go to the president and you say: ‘That old man, he’s a disgrace in our dressing room, he’s ruining it and they’re going to beat him at some point,'” Ferdinand added.

The former defender blamed the top management, who in his opinion has failed to act in time to root out some negative influences on the dressing room.

“Manchester United’s biggest mistake in recent years is allowing certain players and certain outsiders, who are part of some players’ circles and networks, to publicly disrespect the club. They have not slammed the door in their face and They’ve really put those people where they should be. You can’t allow that. “

“The moment you allow that once, you allow someone to step out of line, then other people in those people’s circles start thinking, ‘well, he got away with it, so I’ll say my thing now. No. I care to filter because there are no repercussions and I will not be subject to any kind of fire in the club for that. “