Felipe Augusto Monteiro
is the best signing of the

Atlético de Madrid
in this grade. Without a doubt. The performance of the Brazilian central has placed him in the preference of the rojiblancos fans, but also of Simeone, which has placed him as the non-negotiable piece of mattress defense in this course. His security, his forcefulness, his aerial capacity both defensively and offensively, as well as his enormous regularity – he hardly makes mistakes – have placed him in the position of being one of the central players of the season in The league.

The data speaks for itself, the center of the Atlético de Madrid He has never been injured after 277 games as a professional, a really incredible fact. Of the last 28 games, he has played 27 complete and the only one that was lost was by penalty. Three extensions included. In total, 2,520 minutes of the last 2,610 disputed. An atrocity. He has more than four recoveries per game, more than five punts, they only haggle once every two games …

In short, enviable data that has given it the hierarchy it deserves in the mattress equipment. The Brazilian turned this May 16, 31 years old. For some it could be an age to think about in the final stretch, but for him it is only the best moment of his professional life, with a couple of dreams to come true.

“All players have a dream of winning a Champions League and one world Cup. Clearly I have these two goals outlined and I know how difficult it is. But, if you work everything is possible ”, explained the footballer in words collected by Esporte IG. “I have to do what I'm doing, regardless of age and focus. I will do my best, I will try to have a bigger evolution than I have already had, to be selected, reach a world and who knows, win it ”, added the footballer recently.

And there it is. Why not this season? The Brazilian scored a great match in the second leg of the second round against the Liverpool, in Anfield, and is being one of the best in the Champions. Everything indicates that the maximum continental competition will resume shortly with what the former player of Porto he will have the option to fight for that dream, which is also that of Athletic.


As we already anticipated in this newspaper, information that other media echoed without even citing the arrival of Philip Augustus Monteiro to the Atlético de Madrid, was hatched with a curious story.

The Athletic
, actually went to sign

, which ended in Real
Madrid , but he returned with the Brazilian veteran of Porto because the mattress box fell out of the last bid for the young central defender who is now a member of the other team in the capital. Of the many times scouts saw Militao at Porto, they looked at the matches made by Felipe, who curiously won the position to the now Madridista. So the choice was simple. When it did not leave Militao, Atlético had no doubts that Philip It was a great deal.


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