Feliciano López It has gotten itself in the middle of the political controversy of the day in Congress. Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, PP spokesperson, called Pablo Iglesias, second vice-president of the Government and minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, “son of a terrorist” due to the militancy of Francisco Iglesias, father of the leader of Podemos in the FRAP (Front for Revolutionary Antifascist and Patriot) during the last years of the dictatorship Franco.

The affirmation of the PP's policy caused the tennis player to ask himself on Twitter: “Excuse my absolute ignorance, did the FRAP carry out terrorist actions back in the years 1973-75? I was not born yet and if we add to this that I am a posh-tennis player-silly-subsidized-illiterate I am sure you will understand my question. Thank you “.

The Frap It was a terrorist group linked to the Communist Party that carried out terrorist acts between 1973 and 1975, including three murders, and that was dissolved in 1978. Three of its members were sentenced to death and executed in September 1975.

Pablo Iglesias he recognized his father's belonging to the Frap in a gallery published in Public in 2012: “Believe me if I tell you that being the son of a FRAP militant and having been a member of the military, it has his merit to admire Carrillo”.


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