Fede Valverde: “In the team chat they didn't talk about Messi”

Fede Valverde gave an interview to the newspaper 'The world' in which he spoke about his most personal side, although he also addressed current issues, such as the intention he had Leo Messi to leave the FC Barcelona. The midfielder of Real Madrid He assured that “we were on vacation, and the team chat did not talk about that.”

He also commented on his relationship with Zinedine Zidane. “He asks me to release a lot more, to develop my full potential, to play with confidence, to take off with the ball and without it, to sting and shoot. He asks me precisely to risk a little more ”.

Another topic he spoke about was the kick he gave Álvaro Morata in the derby. “If I had the option to do something else, like, for example, grab him by the shirt or throw him in another way, I would have done it, so as not to have to kick him. But I didn't give in for more and I made that decision. It's soccer. I fight for my team and I will do anything for this shield ”.

With regard to the personal, Valverde recalled his origins. “We were a fighting family, and we didn't have the resources to watch European matches. To see them you needed cable television, the Movistar. You have to have money for it and sometimes it didn't reach us. It was hard for us to watch the games. Once we had the money, I remember spending all day watching football from any country and league ”. And he evoked his arrival in Madrid. “It is first world. You see everything normal here, but for me there were excellent things, a show. The people are very polite, they welcome you very well. There is security in the streets, something that I value very much because I come from a country where security is not very good, where you go out for a walk and you don't know if something could happen to you ”.