FC Barcelona considered “all relations broken” with Sevilla FC if it does not “rectify” its position this Friday regarding the Negreira case, with which it prejudged the Barça team with “an unjustified and improper attack” by the Andalusian team, which announced Furthermore, he would not go to the Barça box this Friday.

“FC Barcelona wants to publicly show its rejection of an unjustified and inappropriate attack by Sevilla FC, a club that today refused to sit at the table at the institutional lunch between directors prior to tonight’s match between both teams at the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys, where “His representatives also refused to attend the honor box,” Barça said.

The culé statement came shortly after Sevilla commented on the news known on Thursday, when the judge of the ‘Negreira case’ attributed a crime of bribery to FC Barcelona when investigating an alleged bribery. The Catalan team considers his decision not to go to the Montjuic box as an “unacceptable offense” and an “attack against the institution.”

“The so-called ‘Negreira case’ cannot serve as an excuse for such actions since the judicial procedure is in a very premature investigation phase and the positioning of Sevilla FC clearly prejudges facts that, in no case, and in none of its preliminary and hypothetical classifications, are accredited,” says the Barça team.

“In addition, the judicial decision notified yesterday does not modify in any way the factual and legal situation of FC Barcelona in the procedure; it is legally very debatable; it does not become a substantiated evidentiary activity and will be duly followed by the club,” Add.

On the other hand, FC Barcelona recalls that its president, Joan Lapora, gave explanations in an Extraordinary Assembly of LaLiga and points out that the Andalusian statement is “incongruent”, which on the one hand speaks of the “presumption of innocence” and on the other “denies its exercise to FC Barcelona in the judicial procedure that is currently being processed”.

“Faced with this inadmissible and unjustified position of Sevilla FC, FC Barcelona considers all relations with the Sevilla institution broken, as long as it does not rectify its current positioning,” concludes the strong culé response.