Fayna reveals new details about her nightmare with the fugitive ‘Yoyas’: “Shoves, stomps… and the fear that it will never stop”

The former big sister released her testimony on Tuesday about the ill-treatment she suffered at the hands of her ex-husband, Carlos Navarro, with a search and capture order since last November 14. He has done it for free and on his YouTube channel: “My heart and guts tremble”has written next to the video. “This is the beginning.”

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Fayna Bethencourt has chosen the same scenery with which Rocio Carrasco He also offered his story almost two years ago: an open space and an armchair in which, seated, he recalls the worst years of his life. “We started in Big Brotherin 2001, and from the beginning our relationship was stormy because already inside he showed signs of having an explosive character”, he recounted. In fact, he was expelled from the reality for aggressive, but she was completely in love and defended him: “With me he was the most charming person in the world”. Fayna has remembered details, such as the day he cooked for her or that he gave her a box of strawberries, her favorite fruit: “She had me spellbound”.

However, verbal abuse, control and physical damage soon began: “It was something as simple as that we were going down the street and I said something that he did not like and he squeezed my hands so much that tears came to my eyes,” he recalled. .

Fayna and Carlos had two children and they were the ones who helped their mother open her eyes: “I realized that the nightmare was real because I was no longer alone, the violence was increasing and I was terrified that these two little people could normalize what we lived at home” . And she added: “Shoves, stomps, until reaching more serious aggressions in which the blows were not the worst. The worst thing is the fear you experience while they are attacking you and you think they are not going to stop”. The canary recounts that she stopped being herself, because she conditioned her life and her behavior to the consequences and reactions of her partner: “He said that everything he did was my fault.”

After more than 10 years of relationship, Fayna broke up: “There was a more violent episode than normal, in front of my children, and I said ‘up to here'”. Even so, she continued to live with Carlos Navarro for five more years, until she denounced him for a crime of continued abuse in the home environment. After several years of trials and appeals, the Supreme Court agreed with Fayna and sentenced Yoyas to five years and eight months in prison, where he should have entered on November 14. He did not do it and is in search and capture: “My torturer is still on the street. He is a fugitive, convicted that he is not where he should be. It is an unfair situation, which is making me and my loved ones suffer” .

“This is not for sale”

Fayna announced the launch of her video on Monday and she did so by revealing that she did it “without charging anything, because this situation is not for sale”, something that was interpreted as a reproach towards Rocío Carrasco and that she wanted to clarify this Tuesday: “When I said that I would give my testimony for free, I did it from my way of feeling and thinking and not thinking of Rocío Carrasco. I assure you that with what I have on me, a thousand things are going around in my head and not exactly the decisions that other people, in this case Rocío, has been able to take respect to tell his experience”.