Fayna Bethencourt will tell her story as a battered woman and throws a dart at Rocío Carrasco: “This is not for sale”

The Canary Islander, who has come to the forefront of the news due to the search and arrest warrant for her ex-husband, Carlos Navarro ‘El Yoyas’has announced that he will tell his story of mistreatment and that he will do it for free, something that many have interpreted as a reproach to Rocio Carrasco: “With all the truth and without charging anything, because this situation is not for sale, I categorically refuse to do so.”

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Sitting in a classic armchair located in the middle of an open space, in the purest Carrasco style, Fayna Bethencourt She will recount the years she has spent with her abuser, sentenced by the Supreme Court to five years and eight months in prison for various crimes of domestic abuse. “I speak from the heart and I do it from my program. In a few days on YouTube. This story has a beginning and a path to get here. For mine, for them, for me,” announces the former big sister.

The ‘pullita’ to the daughter of La Más Grande surprises because Fayna was precisely one of the women who publicly supported Rocío Carrasco during the documentary’s broadcast and even participated in one of the specials. “I always believed it because an injured animal recognizes another”he said then. She also dedicated a beautiful post to him on her social networks: “Thank you for your courage and congratulations because yesterday it became clear that this being has not managed to turn off your light. Don’t let the monsters win, Rocío. We won’t let them.”