Rayo's nine, Radamel Falcao, will wear the '3' on his back this season. The forward has been registered this Tuesday in LaLiga with said number. Something striking, since traditionally that number has been assigned to the left back. In the case of the franjirrojo team, Fran García took the '33' and Kevin Rodrigues, the '19'. Nevertheless, The Colombian international did not have many options to choose from either, since only '3' and '15' were left free. and has opted for the first of them. That representative '9' has been worn by Randy Nteka for weeks.

It is by no means the first time that a striker wears a number that does not correspond to his pure and simple demarcation. Without going further, Toquero (Athletic) and Borja Mayoral (Levante) wore the '2' on their back. It was a much more prolific experience for the Basque striker, who scored 25 goals, for the five goals from Madrid.

Etoo also carried the '5' during his time at Everton and Forlán, in his three seasons with Villarreal. The Cameroonian made a square goal, while the Uruguayan was uncovered with 58 goals that ended up leading Atlético. In addition, the Argentina of 78 hid a curious story with the distribution of its numbers. The military decided that They were awarded in alphabetical order and that made the nine Bertoni have the '4' in his possession.

Lightning Shield / Flag

Another anecdote was starred by Iván Zamorano. When Ronado signed for Inter, the Chilean left him number '9' – not the first year, but the second they agreed – but the '1 + 8' thing was invented. This is how the protagonist related it to our colleague Enrique Ortego: “It occurred to me to put two numbers on the shirt that would add up to nine, but whoever thought about the '+' sign was the sports director Mazzola. The club asked the Federation for permission and left us. At first I myself would put the sign with a piece of white cloth, but after a few games, the clothing brand already sent me t-shirts with the '+' added. It became the best-selling of all Italian football“.

What's more, This Tuesday Falcao worked for the first time under Iraola and with his new colleagues in the City of Soccer of Las Rozas. The same scenario where they will exercise on Wednesday with their minds set on Getafe and, in the case of the forward, on his debut with the Strip. Before that derby, On Thursday, the presentation is scheduled to take place at the Vallecas stadium and surrounded by his new fans. Of course, the date and time are still pending confirmation.