Radamel Falcao García is the most important reinforcement of Rayo Vallecano in recent years. The magnitude of the arrival of the Colombian striker was demonstrated in his official presentation, which was attended by more than 2,500 fans to welcome him to his new challenge in a team that has always been characterized by its worker ideology and social causes.

Courage, courage and nobility are the three great values ​​that represent the 'Rayito' and with which El Tigre is also identified. This is assured by Jesús Diego Cota, the player with the most games in the history of the Spanish team (402 games between 1985 and 2002), who in an exclusive interview with him AS newspaper He could not hide his joy at the arrival of the Colombian attacker. “Maybe we don't have a budget, but we have values ​​and Falcao will like that”, he stated.

The 54-year-old former right-back confessed that the Colombian was the piece that Andoni Iraola's team was missing to fight for the goals of the season and was reiterative in his admiration for the '3' whom he did not tire of praising. The Spaniard hopes that they will “respect his injuries” in order to give his 100%, starting this Saturday against Getafe where he will have his official debut in LaLiga Santander 2021-2022.

Jesús Diego Cota, former Rayo Vallecano player

Jesús Diego Cota, former Rayo Vallecano player

Arrival of Falcao to Rayo: “We all know who Falcao is, we know his football level and we are not going to invent it. We Vallecanos think that Falcao's arrival is very exciting for all of us, I think he is a player who has many values ​​that coincide with us and represents the ideology. He is an honest player who has a lot of goal, which is what we need here in the team. If injuries respect him, he can play a good role, we have good players on the wing and we can take advantage of that. quality that he has. Playing for Atlético de Madrid he scored a lot of goals and is a very important footballer for us. “

Historical reinforcement: “I was a partner of important players in Rayo Vallecano, I had the opportunity to have good forwards like Anton Polster or Jon Perez Bolo, then Hugo Sánchez came. In Rayo there have been quite a few important players, but Falcao is also a historical reinforcement. He is the typical one. forward who is going to be very good because he has a lot of goal, the team needs a little gunpowder upstairs and he can give us that. “

Excitement for your arrival: “Falcao is an intelligent footballer and he is going to like him. At the presentation, people showed their full support for him. As soon as he starts scoring goals, people are going to go crazy. It is very exciting for all Vallecanos that a player of the magnitude of Falcao is here. As fans we also appreciate his efforts to come to Vallecas. “

Support from the fans: “Falcao is going to be very loved in Vallecas, he is going to feel very identified with this team and it is a team with a lot of feeling. Maybe we don't have a budget, but we have values ​​and Falcao is going to like that.”

Injury concern: “Nobody can do anything about injuries, when they come, they come. But if he is in optimal condition and well, it is because he comes with great enthusiasm, wanting to go to the World Cup with Colombia. If injuries are respected, he will be able to play a good role. That he is 35 years old does not mean anything, now there are a lot of players who at that age are at a very high level “.

Arrival of Iván Arboleda: “Anything that is adding is good. He is a young goalkeeper and comes with great enthusiasm. Everyone who contributes is welcome, we want people who represent our ideology, that struggle, that sacrifice and who are honest in the field. With being honored , the people have a lot of cattle with the fans of the Rayo “.