The widely anticipated FIFA World Cup will kick off on November 21. The middle-eastern country Qatar is hosting the 2022 iteration of this tournament. The event will feature 32 national football teams from around the world, including them. Fans are becoming more interested and excited with each passing day.

Qatar made some good promises for the event to football enthusiasts. If they succeed, the event will be very different and unique from the norm. Despite all scandals and rumors, the Country is doing its best to make the global event a success. Global spectators are therefore growing more and more ecstatic lately. We’ve put together a list of little-known facts fans should be aware of regarding the 2022 FIFA World Cup to heighten the anticipation.

1. First Muslim Majority Country as World Cup Host

Qatar, a middle-eastern country is hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022. The nation is one of the major Muslim-majority countries in the middle-east. The country is already ready to provide a visual spectacle for all football fans around the world.

Qatar earned the rights to host the World Cup via bidding. Although there were complaints of bribery and corruption, none of them were proved. Also, the new FIFA management is more interested in replacing the elitist World Cup view with a more new and worldwide diverse involvement.

With the event, Qatar will be able to represent the ideal and culture of the 1.17 million Muslims living there. This will be a golden opportunity for the country to make a global goodwill showcase.

2. Smallest Country to Host World Cup

Qatar is the smallest-sized host of the FIFA World Cup. Before them, Switzerland held the title.

Switzerland hosted the 1954 FIFA World Cup. They had a land area of 41,285 km2. Where Qatar sits in an area of 11,571 km2. So even the second smallest country is three times larger than the middle eastern country. However, their small size does not imply that they will make any concessions in the event. As the Qatar World Cup, 2022 will be the most expensive World Cup in history. It cost Qatar around $220 billion to prepare for the global showcase. With over 93 thousand GDP the country sits as the 3rd richest country in the world. They made proficient use of their natural gas, oil, and petroleum to achieve such a feat. To promote itself through the World Cup 2022, the small country is not making any compromises.

3. Stadiums with State-of-the-Art Conditioning System

Qatar is a middle eastern country. Most of it is desert. Because of this, the nation is considerably hotter than most European and Asian nations. As a result, FIFA decided to start this year’s World Cup in early winter. According to Surprise Sports, FIFA World Cup 2022 will be the first winter world cup in the Northern Hemisphere. Qatar is making significant efforts to make the event more comfortable for both spectators and participants.

Seven of the eight host stadiums in Qatar are installed with complete air conditioning. These ACs are custom built with the latest thermal technology. They are supposed to not only keep the auditorium but the field temperature under control too.

Qatar is a very dry country with a subtropical desert climate. It particularly often affects tourists. As such the management took proper steps to contain the temperature of the host stadiums. Stadium 974 is the only one without any air conditioning. Still, its position and nearby gulf sea keep the temperature inside under control. Other stadiums’ temperatures will also be kept under 25-to-27-degree Celsius.

4. Least Number of Host Stadiums

Qatar elected eight stadiums to host the World Cup. This is the fewest view count in a World Cup since 1978. The eight stadiums are located within nearby five cities. Transportation availability was a major factor in choosing a low stadium count. The management made sure the visitors can move at ease from one stadium to another with either car, bus, or metro.

One of the host stadiums is even temporary. Following the event’s completion, management will dismantle the venue. The remaining seven stadiums will also lose extra seating capacity, according to the management. Excess materials will then be used to develop their sports-related areas and sent to other third-world countries.

5. The First Temporary Stadium in History

Qatar World Cup will feature the very first temporary stadium in history. Stadium 974 was built specifically for the occasion. Construction took about 3 years.

Stadium 974 sits on the shore of the Arabian Gulf, near Doha Port. The temporary stadium has a capacity of 40,000 seats. Its construction cost 974 containers. The 974 also represents the international calling code of Qatar. Following the World Cup, it will be fully disassembled. Through the stadium, Qatar promotes sustainability and environmentally friendly material usage.


In many ways, the FIFA World Cup 2022 will be an interesting addition to the global series. Fans will be eagerly awaiting to see what the middle eastern country Qatar has to offer in the tournament both as a host and playing team. Check out our other content for more furthermore information on World Cup Live Stream. Stay tuned to our site for the most up-to-date information about the international event.