The close circle of Paloma Cuevas has disfigured the appearance of the bullfighter and his girlfriend in the anthill last Tuesday with very harsh words against the right-hander. After Susanna Griso and Carmen Lomana, now it is her turn to Fabiola Martinez. Bertín Osborne’s ex, a great friend of dove cavesdoes not understand the loving exhibition of the lovebirds: “I appreciate Enrique very much and when everything happened I felt so bad about the manners… well, showing off and all that, it was not necessary at the time. Now, that time has passed, I think that Ana also has the right, but I think they have indulged in some things that were not necessary”.

Fabiola Martínez understands that Ponce want to give your place to Ana Soria after three years of relationship but does not approve of the way to do it: “He has two girls who were listening. Sometimes you can’t be so selfish, I understand that you want to give Ana her place, but there are ways and ways.”

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The Venezuelan model has also had words for Ana Soria and has been blunt: “Ana has to earn her place too. Little by little you are winning the affection of the people. If you are going to become a public figure, earn it for yourself for herself and not for showing that the person who broke up his family and cheated on his wife for a long time loves you. There’s no merit in that.” And he added: “If you justify yourself with that, you are very small. You have to experience many things to understand the magnitude of love. Love is not just the butterflies in the stomach or looking at clear eyes in the square that dazzle you. Love It’s so much more.”