Fabiola Martinez has managed until now as best it could the media circus put on by the lovers of Bertin Osbornefrom whom she separated in 2021. The sentimental displays of the women the singer has been with flood the gossip corners of sets morning and afternoon, and both the singer Enna Navarro such as the Paraguayan Gabriela Martin They share their stories in the programs of the first television swords, from Ana Rosa Quintana to Sonsoles Ónega, from Joaquín Prat to Susanna Griso.

The former Almeria winner who says she had an intermittent relationship with the presenter appears this Wednesday on the cover of Week, pictured next to the singer on one of his secret dates, and Gabriela does the same in Ten minutes, with another secret date from the father of her unborn child.

It is clear, according to the versions of these ladies, that Bertín Osborne was unfaithful to Fabiola during their marriage and, if she is getting good money for telling the gruesome details of their respective relationships, why is the mother of Bertín’s children, to whom she was married for 20 years, she was not going to sell her words.

“I think of my children and I think of Bertín’s daughters”

Fabiola did it in the magazine Readings, where she comes to say that she is tired of being talked about as “poor Fabiola.” At 50 years old, the model faces information that suggests that this Spanish gentleman named Bertín Osborne was not a faithful companion during her marriage, not just because Gabriela is going to have a child with him, since that relationship, or what That is, it could be after the breakup; but because Encarna Navarro has claimed to have had a relationship with the singer for 15 years. Sporadic. But she maintains that she was not his lover.

Separated from the Madrid singer since 2021 after two decades of relationship, the Venezuelan Fabiola also makes money (it won’t just be the lovers), describing how she lives this very moment in her ex-husband’s life that also affects her and those closest to her. dear ones: “I think of my children and I think of Bertín’s daughters, and I understand that for them it must not be something pleasant,” he says to open fire. The burst with which Fabiola breaks her silence does not end there: “If I were still in love and I found out that he could have cheated on me during our marriage, it would hurt me a lot,” she manages to say. “When Bertín said that he had never been in love, my heart broke,” she admits. “It gave me peace to know that I was doing everything I could to have a beautiful, respectful relationship, a relationship that was not very easy because of his age, because of his profession, but I tried to make it balanced,” he says.