Fabiola Martínez, blunt after the statements of Bertín’s alleged lover: “My life is my children”

Fabiola Martinez He already distanced himself when the news of his alleged lover came out. Bertin Osbornesinger Anna, who claims to have had relations with him for fifteen years. A period that would coincide with the time in which the former Venezuelan model and the ranchera singer were married.

This Tuesday, Fabiola transmitted to her Antena 3 colleagues: “I don’t want to know anything. I am dedicated to the foundation and nothing else.” This Wednesday, she did the same with a new message to journalist Beatriz Miranda. She told him that she “is doing very well” and that she “doesn’t feel like she’s in the middle of anything.”

Now, Martínez has broken her silence for the first time before the cameras: “I have always been very honest, very transparent, very frank, I don’t like hypocrisy. You don’t care. I don’t play the game. It’s not my life.” , he said this Thursday morning to the microphones of Europapress after being surprised on the street.

When asked if more girls could come out, she also says: “And I don’t know.” Regarding what is said about Bertín on the sets, he adds: “It doesn’t affect me, it hasn’t affected me in a long time.”

Ultimately, she is focused on herself and her children, Female y Carlos: “I am full of projects, of life, of the foundation. My life is my children, my work. I decided not to renew with Sonsoles Ónega because I want to go in another direction.” As for romantic relationships, she says that at the moment nothing at all: “Not relationships right now.”