bad news for Anabel Pantoja: his father, Bernardo, admitted to the Virgen del Rocío University Hospital, is in a delicate state of health at the moment. This Wednesday night, the television collaborator received a phone call from one of the people next to her asking her to urgently come to Seville to be with him.

Bernardo has had a multitude of health ailments in recent years for which he has had to be admitted urgently, but this time it seems that the concern is maximum.

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The brother of Isabel Pantoja He was admitted to the hospital on August 31 due to an infection caused by the diabetes he suffers from. In recent months, Bernardo has spliced ​​one admission with another, drawing strength from where no one imagined to be able to get ahead and despite the fact that he has had several scares, he has always managed to get out of the hospital.

On this occasion, it seems that the call that Anabel received on Wednesday night was most alarming. So much so that the influencer did not hesitate to take an AVE at that very moment and travel to Seville to be next to her father, just as she has advanced Save me. The collaborator has not stopped worrying about her health at any time, in fact, while she was competing in survivors 2022Bernardo was cared for by two assistants that she herself had hired.

His siblings are also with him at the hospital, including Isabely Rush, his wife, who does not make good friends with his family. They assure that the latter has been accompanied by a lifelong friend of Bernardo’s. They have asked you out. who is not is Kiko Rivera, his nephew. According to Rafa Mora, “Kiko Rivera was not aware of the seriousness of the situation of his uncle Bernardo.”

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The last public appearance of the collaborator took place last Friday at the Mediafest Night Feverwith her boy Yulen Pereira, where we saw her the happiest. On social networks, she has not published anything since yesterday, when she uploaded a story from the Atocha Station in Madrid.