Tom Brady
Tom Brady

Most people really believe that everyone must call their town as the “Tampa Bay”. Due to the given popularity of the town, there are so many facts that make the residents think of calling their hometown with a unique name. it seems like the main reason behind all of this is the popular NFL player Tom Brady.

Tom Brady, the Buccaneers quarterback happens to be the highest-profile resident in Tampa Bay. But his profile did get the elevation as Tom Brady decides to have Derek Jeter’s Mega-Mansion on rent. The amazing and beautiful mansion of Derek Jeter is on the edge of the Hillsborough Bay waters.

Extra Police Protection For Tom Brady

Unfortunately for Tom Brady, the boaters did target the mansion to pull up and hang out for some time. But the boaters seem to be hanging out in Tom Brady’s backyard. As the Memorial Day Weekend will be happening soon, things can get a little worse.

As per the reports from, Tom Brady did purchase the off-duty police protection presence from the Tampa Police Department. So the police department is doing their best for the “Extra-Duty” arrangement. Every year, the Tampa Police Department is arranging 200,000 officers for extra work. Some of the 2020 extra hours are to associate police officers in order to keep people away from Tom Brady’s house.

Meanwhile, the police officers will be doing off-duty patrol definitively. It is not much of a surprise for the residents of Tampa. Tom Brady is the biggest free agent to sign with the Buccaneers in their history of 44 long years. He is capable enough to bring instant popularity and excitement to Tampa.

Due to the house or mansion that is large, beautiful, and prominent, Tom Brady will have to be extra careful. Many people will be congregating with boats all weekend long or all summer long. So Tom Brady and fans are hoping that boaters will be on their best behavior and will keep the music volume at a minimum.


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