Fate gives another chance to Álvaro Odriozola. Third right-back in Real Madrid's future plans to be seen again as Carvajal's substitute for 2020-21. Achraf's imminent sale to Inter Milan has meant a script twist in which the donostiarra will be able to avoid the fiasco of his six-month loan at Bayern. Suddenly, thanks to the Moroccan's 'no' to return to Madrid, Odriozola it has a gap again in Chamartín.

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The departure in January of Odriozola direction Munich captured the almost no connection between the side and Zidane, who did not fault to run out of natural substitute for Carvajal. In Germany things did not go as expected and the main problem in the eyes of Madrid with Odriozola is his salary (seven million euros gross per season) in a summer in which the club intends to substantially cut its salary bill to better face the Covid-19 crisis.

Bayern himself wanted another right back to compete with Pavard and, paradoxically, he opted for Achraf, whom he tempted but has failed to convince, among other reasons, for not guaranteeing him ownership. Odriozola not been an alternative for Flick. Although this Bundesliga 2019-20 will be on his record, the fact is that he barely played 153 minutes in it and 7 'in the German Cup. Coupled with what he had in Madrid before leaving, just 595 minutes this season. Carvajal with all that remains for Madrid to play before closing the course has already had that amount of minutes five times (3,225 '). Odriozola is not counting but will remain in Munich until the season ends because Bayern still has the Champions League and Madrid has agreed that their loans can stay beyond June 30, which was the date of the end of the loans.

Odriozola in a match with Bayern.

No alternatives in 'The Factory'

Zidane will have Odriozola on his team again and he doesn't have much to choose from at Castilla either. Neither Guillem nor Sergio López, the twos castillistas, have excelled in the subsidiary this year under Raúl. In fact, the French did not even want to heal in health after the break with a canterano of that profile and preferred to go up to the central castillista Javi Hernández and have Nacho as a right back in training. But the injury of the multidisciplinary defender from Complutense has left Madrid having to turn to Mendy for a changed leg in that band when Carva He has a problem, as Eibar saw 3-1 on the day.

Next season will be a different matter. With Achraf in San Siro and Carvajal of indisputable holder, something that does not happen in the competitive left wing with Marcelo and Mendy, the role of two substitute (if any) would be in principle for Odriozola. An extra life for the Basque.

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