You are experiencing one of the magical moments of your professional life. For a few months after she signed on Antena 3, the good news about her surrounds her: her colleagues, her bosses and her audience love her. However, it is not all good news for Sonsoles Onega, who has just turned 45 splendid years. After that smile, the presenter may hide a certain sadness, and it is that she, according to her, has been able to know Informaliahas broken its relationship with the architect Cesar Vidal.

She began dating him at the beginning of 2021 and everything seemed to be going smoothly, although they never lived together at the journalist’s home because she shares it with her children. Avoid y Gonzalofruit of her marriage to the lawyer Carlos Pardo. She was married to him for eleven years but they broke up at the end of 2019.

Since then, Sonsoles, who spoke of their separation with total naturalness, dedicated himself to his work, at that time at Telecinco, until the day some friends introduced him to the architect. She has been happy with him until more than a month ago, when they decided to put an end to her love story.

The first time we saw Sonsoles, who has just turned 45 splendid years, with César was in May 2021, at the Bombín de San Isidro award ceremony. It was one of the few times that he has attended an act with him. “I’m super in love. I’ve been with him for a year, we’re very happy and we’re discovering the world together,” she said then.

Then we saw them again during a walk through Madrid in September of that same year. From that moment they have not been seen, at least, publicly. He was by his side at the most important professional moment, which was a few months ago, when he had to decide to leave Mediaset to embark on a new professional stage at Atresmedia, where everything smiles at him. However, that decision meant, according to what was published, that many of his former bosses became angry with her.

Fernando Ónega’s youngest daughter has had to reconcile the preparation and birth of this new project with the end of their sentimental relationship. However, “one thing has nothing to do with another. It is true that Sonsoles has had to devote himself to creating and preparing a program and that has consumed him many hours, but that does not mean that he has put aside his relationship. He has also had time for their romantic dates for two”, a person very close to her tells us.

We haven’t seen Sonsoles and her boyfriend together for a long time, now an ex-boyfriend, but she hasn’t wanted to make the breakup public. Neither during the program has it been perceived that he was going through a sensitive personal moment. But yes, Sonsoles has had to bite the bullet and use professionalism to make a program that is working very well, with a variety of content and very successful members of the public, where there is also room for the social chronicle.

Now Sonsoles is the protagonist of a piece of news that could well enter its own rundown. What is certain is that if she tells it, it will be naturally and with the same smile, respect and sympathy with which she tells other breakups.