The night out this Saturday that they shared Felipe y Joy with the doctor Pedro Jaen and his wife Juliahas caught the attention of the media, where the kings do not often appear walking through Madrid on a Saturday night, like so many normal couples.

But the truth is, that in addition to being Pedro Jaén, the dermatology specialist who deals with the queen’s skin and aesthetics For years, together with his wife, he has become a personal friend of Felipe VI and Letizia and, as confirmed to Informalia, Jaén and Julia go out from time to time in Madrid with the monarch and the queen, to have dinner or to see some show and they themselves are often invited to the private residence of the kings in the Zarzuela venue.

Before dinner, at the Ferretería restaurant on Calle de Atocha, the two couples went to the cinema to see Babylonthe last film of Brad Pittin a nearby room.

Some time ago, Dr. Jaén celebrated his birthday, late in the afternoon, in a hamburger restaurant on Félix Boix street in Madrid and, to the surprise of many guests, Letizia appeared personally to congratulate him and stayed for a while enjoying the party.

Pedro Jaén also treated Paloma Rocasolano

Pedro Jaén, who had his office in a chalet in El Viso, now has his practice in an impressive clinic, a whole building, in the Plaza de los Delfines in Madrid. Among his best-known patients, he has Esther Donawidow of the Marquis de Griñón, who was said to long for a closer relationship with the handsome doctor. His patient has also been, as we already anticipated, the president of the government, Pedro Sánchezwho wanted to improve his appearance for the previous electoral campaign, while his wife Begoña Gomezwent to the doctor’s office Juan Peñas, in the Paseo de la Castellana.

As Head of Service at the Ramón y Cajal Hospital, Pedro Jaén has cared for many anonymous patients there, ordinary citizens registered with Social Security. One of them, Rock Dovemother of the queen, as we personally verified on one occasion.