Everything that Florentino Pérez has raised this summer

This summer transfer market, marked by the global crisis of the coronavirus, is being unusual for all football clubs. And the Real
Madrid is no exception.

The white team is on the way to closing this transfer window without having undertaken a single incorporation, but having raised more than 120 million euros in transactions.

A strategy outlined by its president, Florentine
Perez, and whose sole objective seems to be to raise enough money to undertake the signing of Kylian
Mbappe, great desire of the president of the Real
Madrid, which according to the newspaper 'The
Times’He would have already communicated to PSG his intention to leave next summer.

With the hypothetical signing of Mbappe on the horizon, the white club has shed several important players who had no place in the schemes of Zinedine

For the soccer player who has entered the most cash has been Achraf
Hakimi, that after two seasons yielded in the B

Dortmund he left transferred to Inter for 40 million euros. The 'tyranny' of Carvajal on the right side and his predilection to play in defenses of five greatly complicated his permanence in Chamartin.

43.5 million for two absolute internationals

Other homegrown players who have filled the white coffers this summer have been two absolute internationals such as Sergio
Reguilón, who left 30 million euros in the white coffers once his signing for the Tottenham, and Oscar
Rodriguez, that after shining in the Leganes signed for him Seville after payment of 13.5 million euros for 75% of its economic rights.

If to the sales of these three footballers we add the 2.5 'kilos' entered by the transfer of Takefusa
Kubo to the Villarreal and those of other players trained at La Fábrica such as Javi
Sanchez to the Valladolid (for 3 million euros), George
Fruit and Dani
Gomez to the I raised (for 2.5 each) or Alberto
Soro to the Pomegranate (times 2.5), the total amount collected by the Real
Madrid it amounts to 96.5 million euros.

Then there is the issue of James
Rodriguez, for which initially the meringues entered 25 million euros, a figure that was later questioned by a statement from Banfield, Argentine team in which the Colombian played and according to which “the transfer of James from Real Madrid to Everton was done at no cost, as if he were a free player.” In case of adding these 25 ‘kilos’, the total income would rise to … 121.5 million euros!

James Rodríguez, first goal and assists recital with Everton

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Something that, added to the salary savings that the transfer of Bale to the Tottenham, to which the English club will pay half of its token -7.5 million euros-, leaves the Real
Madrid in an ideal financial situation to finally see white Mbappe, assessed by the specialized portal 'Transfermarkt'At 180 million euros.

Bale returns to ottenham