It is said that it is the color of passion and love, and it has always been in charge of coloring hearts, at least on paper. An emblematic tone that is one of the favorites in the fashion industry, proof of this is the well-known “Valentino red” or the famous red soles of Christian Louboutin’s shoes, but also the well-known red lipstick from Chanel. This autumn-winter, red is also once again presented as a trend in itself, full of strength and vitality, it is the protagonist of catwalks such as Bottega Veneta, Ferragamo, Blumarine, Alberta Ferretti or Dolce&Gabbana.

Capable of capturing all eyes, red transmits great emotions as well as messages that range from passion to love, through attractiveness and opulence. In the world of fashion, red means elegance, glamor and empowerment. A color that is also perfect to wear from day to day to evening events, where it becomes a statement of intentions. In fact, it is not only the favorite of celebrities but it is the color of the carpet itself.

Rick coat, from Simorra. RRP: €448

And the red carpet dates back to the Greeks, when people with greater purchasing power walked on this carpet that only they could walk on. It then became a symbol of the most absolute luxury that merchants soon noticed and from there it went straight to hotels or trains where clients were literally treated “like kings.” However, it was not until 1964 when the red carpet acquired the meaning it has today since it was the year in which it was decided to broadcast the arrival of actors and actresses at the Oscars, thus turning it into a show.

Although until now we had experienced the intense fever for pink, now red has arrived to overthrow it and the fashion catwalks have declared it so. Valentino, Givenchy, Balenciaga and Dior are some of the great houses that have incorporated the color red in all its forms, that is, from vibrant and striking tones to deeper and darker reds. In the silhouettes, elegant patterns stand out in dresses, maxi wool coats or lace details and this color does not allow anything other than an extra femininity. This has been confirmed by such iconic dresses as Hubert de Givenchy’s design for Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, Jessica Rabbit’s sequin dress or Julia Roberts’ bardot neckline in Pretty Woman.

Savage Red Dress, by Koahari. RRP: €250

It could be said that it is the most acclaimed color in fashion and those who show it are well aware of its power. Red survives year after year, from ancient times when it was a very expensive color to manufacture, until today as a symbol of luxury and elegance. A tone that, in any of its forms, is never missing in everyday life.

This is how you can combine the color of the season

It is not always easy to combine this type of striking colors although it is true that, if you master the art, you will understand the difference between a spectacular look and a simpler one. That’s why one of the keys is to opt for neutral tones that make red the clear protagonist of the style. On the contrary, there are other risky combinations that also look great, such as red with pink, green or orange, among others.

Red Wellies, from Hunter. RRP: €150

Like color mixtures, another trick is prints or textures, which will help us give depth to the style as long as there is a balance within it and these are not abused. You can’t miss the accessories either, key pieces that will elevate the look such as jewel shoes, a black bag or gold jewelry.

Queen Heart Earrings, from Joys. RRP: €3.99

There is no doubt that red is the color of this new season and one that you will soon fall in love with because of how good it feels and how versatile it is when it comes to wearing it.