Eva González and her bullfighting party in good company after leaving Cayetano

Fun, enjoyable and happy. Eva González takes refuge in her friends and in her most beloved environment and appears embraced in very good company, partying, in Seville. At the gates of what will be his first Christmas of singlethe presenter of The voice enjoy the night in his beloved homeland and leave behind his breakup with Cayetano Rivera. This is how it appears on the cover of Ten minutes.

She is pretty, happy and enjoying the moment. At a party and with a very dear friend, Eva González forgets all about her divorce process. The model and presenter, smiling and with her eyes closed, appears in an image hugging a companion in the middle of the night, on a Seville street. For Eva, who has taken refuge in the affection of her family from Mairena de Alcor, these are going to be her first Christmas parties without her husband, Cayetano, after her breakup last October.

The marriage separated three years after overcoming the Karelys Rodríguez affair. Eva and Fran Rivera’s brother were married in 2015 and had a long courtship of 13 years.