He participated in the Olympic Games of Ro 2016 with Brazil and in this European of Budapest he leads the Spanish team

Adri Delgado, during a match with CN Barcelona.

Those old stories entertained his childhood. His father Manolo, under the sticks, Spain's hat, in the Moscow Games 1980, when the selection remained a couple of goals from his first medal. His father Manolo, whom they called Carioco because he was born in Brazil, became in 1981 the first Spanish water polo professional after his signing for the CN Montjuc. His father Manolo and misfortune, the finger in the eye of an opponent in a friendly that affected his eyes, left him out of the Games Los Angeles 1984 and forced him to retire. Those old stories entertained his childhood and that is why Adri Delgado (Barcelona, ​​1990) wanted to repeat them.

For many years he put on his gloves again and again, again and again, under water polo goals, but also other sports, such as football, but nothing, impossible, there was no way. It was bad, it was unhealthy, even I realized. Then I discovered that I was good at swimming and in the end I found my place in water polo, recognize THE WORLD now, after meeting on the other side. Today Delgado is a caonero, the top scorer of this Spanish League with the CN Barcelona, ​​and, with that profile, the main novelty of Spain in the men's European that is played these days in Budapest.

At the age of 30 he has reached his grand premiere with the selection after many, many laps. I always dreamed of this moment, since I watched on TV the gold of the Games of Atlanta 1996. Sometimes you have to go outside to be valued, but my goal has always been to return, says Delgado who in his own explanation underlines its rarity: in fact, he has already been Olympic. But not with Spain, with Brazil. My grandparents emigrated to Brazil in the 50s and there my father was born, who returned as a child. I had never lived in Brazil, but before the Ro Games they offered me the opportunity and accepted. We reached the quarterfinals after winning Serbia and that opened many doors for me, he recounts after winning the return to the pulse.

Back to Barcelona

To be selectable again with Spain, he had to abandon his trip abroad, Brazil, Hungra and Romanian and settle again in Barcelona, ​​as part of the staff of the CN Barcelona, ​​waiting for the coach's call David Martn. The call did not come for the past World Cup, but s for this European in which the challenge is to adapt to a group already made. This is what the coach has asked me, to quickly connect my teammates both inside and outside the pool and contribute my game, says Delgado.

After a bit of anxiety, Spain has regained the level with a young generation grouped around the Atltic Barcelona. The silver in the previous European and especially the silver in the last World Cup, which had annexed the classification for the Tokyo Games, has launched a group that already dream of emulating the Estiarte, Rolln and company at the next olympic event.

In this European, where they arrive without pressure thanks to the Olympic ticket already obtained, the objective is to continue shooting for that event. Last Tuesday, Spain won a friendly debut against Malta, and today Hungra faces (19.00, Teledeporte), his first demanding test. A victory will help to avoid the crossing of the round of 16 and earn a more affordable quarters, far from other favorites such as Italy or Serbia. It is a typical one, but I only think about the match. I would love to go to Tokyo and be olympic with Spain, but first I have to win it in this European, concludes Delgado, a nationalized home.

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