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Euroleague: The Euroleague refuses to finish: it prioritizes playing the remainder of the season in full | Euroleague 2019

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The clubs have decided to resume the competition “once the situation allows it”, which would imply “condensing” the schedule and going beyond May

Rudy and Tavares, against ASVEL, Madrid's last match in the Euroleague.

The Euroleague, like the rest of world sports competitions, is between a rock and a hard place because of the expansion of the coronavirus. And yet, he has decided to keep trying. In other words, explore all the gaps for “once the situation allows for optimal health and safety conditions for all the participants”, resume the season.

That is the main headline that comes out of the assembly that the clubs and the Euroleague organization itself have had this Wednesday, telematically, about the delicate situation. Euroleague prioritizes playing the competition in its entirety when the authorities allow it. And, for this, they open the door to the possibility of modifying the calendar to delay the end dates of the competition.

With a summer already free from the olympic games -and, of course, of the subsequent Pre-Olympics that were to take place in June-, the maximum continental competition has an extra time margin to carry out its plans. And yet, these seem too optimistic, considering that the spread of the virus is having different tempos on the continent.

The Euroleague chooses to prioritize “ending the 2019-20 season with its existing format”. This means contesting “what's left of the regular season, the playoffs and the Final Four.” It must be remembered that the season ended with the dispute on Matchday 28 (that is, six are missing). “This would probably involve ending beyond the planned dates in may, with the frequency of matches becoming potentially condensed if necessary. The same priority will apply for the 2019-20 Eurocup season. “If everything resumed, there would most likely be several double days, which would have to be reconciled with the dispute of local competitions. The Endesa League is currently stopped until next April 24.

The clubs have also agreed on “common policies and principles to be proposed to the Players Association and the Euroleague Coaches Committee”, which include, among other things, “the potential return of players and coaches to their cities” and “the commitment of players and coaches, including adjusted salary payments during competition suspensions.”

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