A basket in the last second of the Barca leader matches his team with Real Madrid in the second place of the Regular League

Mirotic, before Bolomboy, this Thursday.

The dance started five seconds to the end of the game. On the scoreboard, everything to decide: CSKA Mosc and Barcelona, ​​tied at 70. Baln for the Barca team and no surprise on the board of Stevislav Pesic. Will throw Nikola Mirotic, that was clear, but how will it?

The Barça star received in the left corner of the field, on the triple line, and paired with the Cuban Howard Sant-Roos, who had just jumped on the track. With so little time, the most likely option was a quick shot and, therefore, Sant-Roos climbed on him. Arm raised, Mirotic could not arm and then, five seconds to the end, the dance began.

Amag with penetrating inside the area, made a reverse to the outside and, in full swing, jumped back as many times he did Dirk Nowitzki. The launch in suspension avoided the punting of Sant-Roos and, with only four tenths to spare, the ball entered.

Barcelona got a prestigious victory at the CSKA house and remained in the dispute with Real Madrid for second place in the Regular League. Both teams are now tied for 20 wins with eight games to play.

The genius of Mirotic annulled another previous genius, sta of Mike James, base of the CSKA, that with a triple had managed to establish the tie at 80. James had a disastrous game, including a loss of decisive ball against Brandon Davies, but was redeemed with the success that could force the extension.

Neither team was able to accumulate a notable advantage, the Russians weighed down by the mistake of James and the Catalans, by the small company with which Mirotic continued. Only Cory Higgins, former CSKA, and Davies, who curiously scored four out of four in triples, consistently added points. Bad for example for Before Tomic Y Vctor Claver.

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