A Narcís Rebollothe husband of Eugenia Martinez de Irujo, He loves animals. In that she agrees with the daughter of the Duchess of Alba, but he could never imagine that his marriage to the aristocrat would make him a participant in a project to welcome so many species of animals. Almost crazy.

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Because, after the recent additions, four donkeys, eleven dogs, five pigs, one horse and an indeterminate number already live in that kind of zoo that the designer’s daughter has set up on her farm La Pizana, in the Seville town of Gerena. of cats.

Some of them were in the back garden of the Palacio de Liria when Doña Cayetana was still alive, and in fact, some of the family’s pets are buried there but, when the matriarch died, her eldest son, Carlos, current Duke of Alba, He expressed his wish to his sister that she take her animals from the enclosure, which Eugenia did almost immediately.

The Rebollo Martínez de Irujo couple, however, reside in Madrid, in Eugenia’s spacious apartment in the central Calle de Princesa, right next to Liria. They take advantage of their days off to rest at La Pizana, and in summer at their residence in Ibiza.