Long-awaited reunion and moment to remember: the six children of the Duchess of Alba together in an act at the Palacio de Liria, in Madrid. Carlos, Alfonso, Jacobo, Fernando, Cayetano y Eugenia Martinez de Irujo have joined forces around the presentation of the first biography of their father, Luis Martinez de Irujo.

First husband of the unforgettable Cayetana Fitz-James and father of her six children, Martínez de Irujo is one of the great unknowns of the House of Alba. He worked until his death, in 1972, when he was 52 years old. The historian Jose Miguel Fernandez Barral has presented the book Luis Martinez de Irujo. Duke of Alba. the weight of the name in what was the home of the Duchess in Madrid, the Palacio de Liria.

Eugenia was very moved, who attended the event accompanied by her husband, Narcís Rebollo, and her daughter Cayetana Rivera. “I am very happy, it is a very emotional day. It is very important because, finally, it is as if justice was done to him after 50 years since he died, because I think he deserves it,” she confessed.

The silly designer was three years old when her father died, so it has been thanks to her biography that, as she tells us, she has discovered “many things about him”. “What I love above all is that the importance it had for the house is highlighted, both in cultural and economic terms”, he happily highlighted because, thanks to this book, “an infinite number of things that nobody had or idea”. “I was very small, but I always have it on the altars”, she has admitted, barely containing her emotion.

A presentation that precisely coincided with the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of England, where the coincidence of Kings Felipe and Letizia with Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía has become the most talked about of the day. According to Eugenia, it should not be a subject of controversy because if they have sat together it is “Because that is how Elizabeth II will have wanted it, she organized absolutely everything”.