The judocas Estrella López and Carla Ubasart, the canoeists Arantza Toledo and Irati Osa, the skier with physical disabilities Audrey Pascual and the Río Duero Soria Volleyball Club have been the winners in the fifth edition of the platform ‘They are from Here’, therefore that will receive the economic sponsorship of 26,000 euros granted by ‘Manzanas Livinda’.

This fifth edition established three categories to ensure that the sponsorships covered projects of various kinds and in the amateur the winners with 3,000 euros were the CV Volleyball Río Duero Soria, who was looking for support to recover this sport in the senior category, and the skier and surfer Audrey Pascual, whose dream is to get to participate in the Winter Olympics.

In the elite category, the sponsorship of 5,000 euros highlighted in Arantza Toledo and Irati Osa, two canoeists of the marathon modality who with this help will be able to buy a marathon canoe that adapts to their weight in which to compete in K2 and carry out more training. groups, since they live and train 532 km apart, the one between Cuenca and Zumaia.

Finally, in the Olympic category, the sponsorship of # EllasSonDeAquí has ​​fallen to the judokas of the absolute national team Estrella López and Carla Ubasart, who intend to qualify for Paris 2024 and who will receive 5,000 euros for each of the three years of this new Olympic cycle to improve your preparation.

The winners of these scholarships have been chosen from among all the applications by an Advisory Council formed by, among others, the former gymnast Carolina Pascual; medalist in Barcelona 92, the Olympic T-shirt Anna Boada, the ex-skier María José Rienda, the journalist Paloma del Río or the rugby referee Alhambra Nievas.

Since the # EllasSonDeAquí women’s sports support platform was born in 2016 by the hand of ‘Manzanas Livinda’, 227 projects from all the autonomous communities of the country have been received throughout these five calls, involving more than 900 athletes. 22 of these projects have been sponsored by the company, giving a total of 105,637 euros in sponsorships in five editions.