The widow of the Marquis de Griñón and a brand-new tertulian of Sonsoles Onega has starred in a “earth, swallow me” this Wednesday. Esther Dona recounted his connection to Cristiano Ronaldoto which Carlos Falco he tried to sell his mansion in La Finca when he arrived at Real Madrid, when he has screwed up to the bottom: “He drinks a lot of esoteric drinks.”

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His companions corrected him the gazapo: “Isotonic, Esther, it is said isotonic,” they said between laughs, trying to downplay the matter. Pedraz’s ex, with her dog stumbling on her knees, did not know where to go: “Oh, thank you.” Social networks have not been slow to echo the moment.

Doña recounted how she met Cristiano Ronaldo: “Years ago, when he arrived at Real Madrid. He was looking for a house and was seeing Carlos Falcó’s at La Finca. He came to see her several times, he was charming,” she recounted. “I have an anecdote. Once, I was having a French omelette for dinner on the terrace and he came in. I hadn’t seen him, he took me from behind, by the shoulders, and said: ‘Don’t even think about getting up because it’s cold lousy”. And she added: “He always came accompanied by many people and he liked esoteric drinks a lot.”