Broken. This is how the widow of Carlos Falcowho passed away three years ago due to covid. Esther Dona he remembered it through tears: “I dream that he comes back and tells me that nothing that happened is true”. And it is that the woman from Malaga confesses that she has not yet accepted her absence: “It is becoming more and more real and this year, with everything that has happened to me (her breakup with Judge Pedraz) is even harder.”

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Clinging to her inseparable dog Chloe, which her husband gave her shortly before he died, Esther has revealed: “This year something happened to me that I had not experienced before and that is that I remembered everything that happened on March 20: the call of the doctors telling me that he had died, loneliness, uncertainty, fear… I miss him a lot. He is the man of my life”, she said very emotionally.

Doña has confessed that she did not want to spend that difficult day alone and met with some friends to remember Carlos with a smile: “We were telling anecdotes, stories… Thank God I am surrounded by my people and my friends helped me a lot that day”.