Esther Doña recounts the unexpected reunion with Pedraz after their notorious breakup: “It hurt me, I don’t understand it”

Christmas parties are treacherous because they allow you to reunite with very dear friends and family but also with those who are not so dear. that happened to Esther Dona last week in Madrid, where she was out to eat and have fun with some Mexican friends when she bumped into her ex, the judge Santiago Pedraz.

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The widow of the Marquis de Griñón has recounted how the moment was: “After eating we went to have a drink and we went to a bar. There was flamenco, it was fun, we were on the terrace and, suddenly, I say ‘It can’t be’ I saw my friends and he was behind.” The chat room of And now Sonsoles has continued: “At that moment I did not feel cold or hot, but it is true that the next day, analyzing the situation… Chloe who got sick. She hurt me because it seems to me that after having loved each other so much, ending up like this without being able to say hello, I don’t understand.

Doña has assured that she has been trying to avoid this situation for months: “I have avoided being around the places that I know he is always. If he goes to my places, which he did not know, I showed them to him, it is We may still meet.”

Of course, the unexpected reunion has helped him to reaffirm his feelings: “That’s in the past, totally, and it was important because it’s something that has made me realize that it’s over.”