The model has been the last guest of Vicky Martin Berrocal on the podcast ‘Alone with’. In a friendly and relaxed conversation, Esther Canadas (46) has remembered what the years were like when an autoimmune disease forced her to get off the catwalks and turned her life upside down: “I had two or three moments of saying ‘This day here you stay.'”

The Catalan woman was diagnosed with vasculitis, an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation of all blood vessels: “All the capillaries in my body burst at the same time. I was prescribed complete rest for life”, has explained. “They are very complicated diseases, which are usually chronic and very painful. I could have stayed there and not be with you today,” she said.

His ordeal lasted six years: “It is not easy to live with or manage, plus it is not easy to cure. It had many side effects. I lived with 10% of the energy. I have spent 6 years of my life fighting to get out”. Treatment, meditation, rest… Esther tried everything to recover her life: “I went through all the stages. Do you know what you do in a life in six years? I have gone through stages of thinking that I had missed six years of my life, but it wasn’t like that, because I was fighting to get out of a place that was very difficult.

The cure arrived and Esther was able to fulfill her dream of being a mother. His daughter, Galia, is now eight years old: “I have a great time with her, she’s very smart, funny, she laughs a lot… I’ve been lucky enough to be able to dedicate myself entirely to her, I haven’t missed anything and that’s a gift.” She assures that she would have liked to expand the family: “I love children, I would have had 10. Although Galia is worth 10.”

After her ordeal, she also resumed her professional career: “I continued to feel the love of the wonderful people in fashion and very important brands that kept asking me. That feels very nice and I decided to return,” she confessed. “I have the disease very present, but it is not something I think about every day.”