Estefanía Fernández admits that the use of CBD has been “a before and after on a personal and professional level”


The Spanish canoeist Estefanía Fernández, who will participate in the Paris Olympic Games, recognizes that the “integration of CBD” into her preparation and recovery routines has meant “a before and after” both on a “personal and professional” level, all of this thanks to the introduction of ‘The Beemine Lab’s Alivium CBD product range.

“The integration of CBD into my routines has been a before and after both on a personal and professional level. The demands of training make me accumulate a lot of tension, since I have to perform at my best on a daily basis. Thanks to the incorporation of these products in my daily life, they have improved both the quality of rest, as well as training, injuries and recovery after training,” explains Fernández, a member of the K-4 500 meters, about the Alivium CBD product range, of which She is an ambassador.

The Olympian has included the Spanish health care brand, ‘The Beemine Lab’, in her preparation for the event in the French capital, a synergy that was born as an initiative of the canoeist herself after genuinely trying one of the products of the wide range of the brand, ranging from CBD oils to moisturizing creams and sports balms and which are also used by the footballer Andrés Iniesta, who has also sought innovative alternatives to improve performance and facilitate muscle recovery.

According to ‘The Beemine Lab’, among Estefanía Fernández’s favorite products are the three Alivium CBD products: Alivium CBD Forte in the morning before training and after training before eating, Alivium CBD Heat in the lower back and Alivium CBD Cold legs and neck.

Beyond training, the athlete uses some of the brand’s oils to achieve a greater feeling of relaxation during naps and at night, to rest in the most efficient way possible.

“Managing to find the balance between sporting excellence and the qualities of our products allows us to offer innovative solutions in our sector that benefit our community both physically and mentally,” explains Andrés Espinosa, co-founder of the company.