He Cadiz of Alvaro Cervera 9th gear in LaLiga Santander, with 23 points and 7 of mattress compared to the relegation zone, but in the yellow dressing room they refuse to throw the bells to the flight and are focused on continuing to fight to ensure permanence. A good example of this are the words of ‘Pacha’ Espino this Wednesday, as the Uruguayan full-back assured that there is still a long and arduous road to travel. “All the second laps are difficult. All the teams are going to push, none are going to want to relegate and we are all going to play things, so we have to continue in the same way as until now, ”said Espino.

In this sense, for ‘Pacha’There is no place for relaxation. “The points give us room for error, but we cannot make a mistake, and if we make a mistake, it must be after obtaining 40 points, that we save ourselves,” he added.

Finally, the Uruguayan spoke about the possibility of being summoned soon by the Uruguayan team taking into account the good performance that this course is offering in the Cadiz. “As always, it's about dreaming and working and fighting for it,” concluded the 29-year-old lane.


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