Esperanza Aguirre surprises on Jorge Javier Vázquez’s program with the wall of her house: “It is very red”

The cameras of Chinese Stories They sneaked into the house this Monday Esperanza Aguirre. In the section of Susi at homethe star collaborator of Jorge Javier Vazquez, Susi Caramel, rides his bike to the homes of some celebrities to bring them sushi. For their part, celebrities show their house to the new Telecinco program.

Before entering Esperanza Aguirre’s house, the woman who was president of the Community of Madrid for nine years denounced the lack of cleanliness and neglect in her neighborhood, Malasaña, before Jorge Javier’s new program. “I wanted to summon you here so you can see that it is a national historical artistic monument and look at how graffiti it is. It’s a shame, the City Council does not clean it,” Aguirre said.

Susi Caramelo took advantage of the former Popular Party politician’s complaint and went to Almeida to tell him that his neighborhood was also dirty. “I also want to make another request to Almeida, you clean all of Malasaña for me and then you go to Tirso de Molina because everything is full of shit too. Let me fix my neighborhood,” the collaborator joked.

With the requests on the table, Esperanza Aguirre opened the doors of her home to Susi Caramelo. “She is very red,” said the reporter with the humor that characterizes her after seeing that her walls were red. Aguirre also showed Telecinco her shelves full of books and photographs.

Once the visit is over, the employee Chinese Stories He stated that “he liked me very much.” “How important it is to make friends everywhere,” the comedian concluded seconds before finishing the report.