The term 'ubuntu' is of African origin and defines a philosophy of community (“I am because we are”) that can be applied to sports and human groups. Mantra used by many coaches, the Chinese Espanyol footballer Wu Lei is the best example in a difficult season for him, in which he has only started seven games and has been able to score two goals. But here the important thing, and as he himself remarks, was promotion, that tribal goal, in this case the parakeet: “From the first day of the season, all of us have the same goal: to return to First yes or yes. We are very happy because it was not easy. And all of this is everyone's effort: the staff, the employees, the teammates, the coaching staff, everyone. “

The forward, who after this conference joined his team to play a series of matches, was the star of the After Work offered by Espanyol TV. The player is eager to celebrate the title with the fans: “Thank you very much to the fans, as I said, this year has not been easy at all due to the pandemic, the fans cannot enter the field to help us, but in He has done many games, done many great things, I am very proud of them. Especially in home games they accompany us from the hotel to the stadium, we are very excited, and we are very motivated. I hope to celebrate the victory with the fans in the field as soon as possible, “he remarked.

Espanyol Shield / Flag

Although the forward is absent (must be measured on Sunday May 30 against Guam, June 2 against the Maldives, on 9 against the Philippines and on 14, against Syria) will keep in contact with his colleagues: “I hope we have the time to lift the cup, and I can be there, but I have games with the Chinese team, I will see each team game, I will be in the atmosphere with the team for videos and photos”. And he considers that no one will relax despite having achieved promotion: “We have achieved the goal, which is the most important thing. Now we are in first place in the standings, there are four games left, we are sure to compete to win the cup” .

Already in preseason, double Golden Ball Chinese commented that he occasionally watched matches of LaLigaSmartBank and warned of the difficulty. Although the Spanish has completed (is on it) one of the best campaigns in memory in the category with the highest budget, Wu Lei is aware of the difficulty of the journey. “It was not easy, in the beginning, people believed that we are a team that could go up easily, but after playing the matches in the Second Division, we recognize that they are very difficult, during the season there are many difficult moments”, he assured.

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