The SpanishFinally, he can boast of having won his first game of the season five weeks after the start. Three points that provisionally place it in that quiet area to which it aspires in a season that for the moment passes between confusion: there are brilliant moments like before Villarreal or Athletic and others disconcerting and gloomy as in Seville or Majorca. Both faces mingled before a Alaves, bottom, who presents his candidacy for relegation after a terrifying start.

The set of Vicente Moreno He does not yet transmit naturalness in his game. The technician varies the parts which Rubik's Cube in search of the full of colors. Subscribed now for the third day to 4-3-3, a system that is here to stay, this time he opted for Keidi Bare as a midfielder and Nico Melamed on the left. But the disconnections from the Spanish They were constant, winning by a penalty, shaky in the final part, without the ability to defend themselves with the ball or to sentence the counter for the misguided Wu lei, who is still lacking in confidence. To this day, the parakeet is not a reliable group when visiting Seville and the duel at home before him Real Madrid.

“Nobody beats RdT on a technical level, his controls and definitions are poetry; but, like poets, the striker lives off inspiration and his game is asymmetrical”

Without news of Melamed, better revulsive than starter, Embarba was not right either. Their centers did not find auctioneers nor on this occasion did they create excessive danger. Only RdT, a team unto itself, scrapes oil from sporadic game situations, like a hyena looking for carrion. In that coming and going, moved by his nose, he scored a hat-trick that was not, because two of his goals came from offside. The first, by Óscar Gil, in a great driving by Keidi Bare, showing that he is more of a box to box than a stopper. And later with a pass to the Morlanes space, along with Darder and Melendo, the players with the best ability to foresee the plays. Nobody beats RdT on a technical level, its controls and definitions are poetry; but, like poets, the striker lives off inspiration and his game is also asymmetrical.

Espanyol Shield / Flag

LaLiga Santander

* Data updated as of September 22, 2021

Despite this asymmetry, at the bad end of the first half, the feeling of danger of the Vitoria team in an extension, again, extensive, the fans applauded the delivery of the team, the kilometers traveledHe forgave the bad phases, the lack of a pattern yet and surrendered to the three points. A hobby thirsty for joys and for the First Division, which is still haunted by that decline in 2020, so all that is to keep adding will be to get away from that nightmare. With the tranquility of victory now, the team must improve.

Before all that happened, a minute's silence was observed for the passing of this week of Joan Martinez Vilaseca, former Espanyol player in the 60s and 70s, coach and captor at the perico club and FC Barcelona years later. A great loss that of a person who was an open book, who at the usual meals of the Pericos Players illuminated conversations with his clairvoyance and intelligence. Surely he would have a more accurate analysis of where this Espanyol is sailing and what he wants to be when he grows up.