Out of moves Still facing the next season in the Second Division, Espanyol expects the relegation to be only a push towards a better future. The Blue and Whites' entity seeks that this one-way ticket purchased to the silver category also has the return ticket included immediately. The price has yet to be determined, but what is certain is that regain lost status in a single season it is not an impossible mission. Until eight clubs have made it in the last 20 years and Espanyol seeks to follow that same path, which they also charted in their four previous promotions.

Be a lift equipment (Goes up and up) This course is the best of wishes for an Espanyol in need of returning to Primera. After a disastrous campaignHaving stability and happiness are vital for a fan who wants to feel proud of their team again. Now you have to walk through the desert, although you can get out of it alive. AND the best examples to take into consideration they are Villarreal, Betis and Getafe. The Castellón suffered a traumatic decline in 2011-12, but a year in Second Hell was enough to leave tremendously strengthened. The 2012-13 finished seconds, after Elche, and sealed the direct promotion.

Spanish Shield / Flag

As soon as to Betis, the campaign dropped 2012-13 and one campaign laters also recovered. He did not do it smoothly because up to three coaches (Velázquez, Merino and Mel) passed through his bench, but in the end they were proclaimed Second champions with 84 points and they returned to First. Same luck is carved the Getafe. The azulones dropped the 2015-16 and, after playing in the playoff (the regular league finished third) and with two coaches, Esnaider and Bordalás, they were catapulted into the gold category of Spanish football. Now, the three clubs live comfortably.

There are more examples to which Spanishism can be seized to trust to rise to First after being a single year in Second: he Racing he did it in the 2001-02 campaign; and twice they signed it Saragossa, 2002-03 and 2008-09, I raised, 2005-06 and 2016-17, and By, 2011-12 and 2013-14.

Currently, Espanyol is trying to reinvent. Optimism cannot be lacking and neither can confidence. Will suffer in Second, but it is a category from which it is not impossible to escape. The Huesca it is the most recent case. He dropped last season and this year he has proclaimed himself champion and is back to First. And the Girona, through the playoff, You can also do it. It's time to build a good team and try not to expire the round trip ticket.

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