Escassi says he had an “open relationship” with María José Suárez and confesses to having had sex with men: “I’ve tried everything”

The rider is the man of the moment. Star of the soap opera of the summer (with alleged extortions, lovers, videos and debts) he sat down this Friday on the program of Beatriz Archidona and Santi Acosta to explain what motivated his breakup with Maria Jose Suarez and what is true in the tsunami of information that has come to light this week. “It’s been very difficult, I haven’t slept for many days. For health reasons I have been a bit on the sidelines, but it has not been told as it is and I would like to make it clear that I am sitting down to tell the truth, otherwise I would not sit down.”

Escassivisibly dejected, has admitted that he has not spoken to his ex since June 22, the day she received the famous email from Valeri warning her of the jockey’s infidelities and demanding payment of 1,700 euros for his services. “We had been going back and forth for quite a few months, she herself said in an exclusive that we had taken a break. It wasn’t all pretty, because of work, the distance… and we have gotten closer and further away.” And she reveals: “María José and I had an open relationship, we enjoyed sex in the way that seemed right to us”He added: “I’m not going to go into details, but one thing is what we both did and another is what I did when she wasn’t there.” And he clarified: “María José knew that I had relationships with trans women.”

On the 22nd, everything goes up in smoke. Escassi admits that María José received the email: “She called me and I told her that I would take care of everything. I was in Ibiza, I brought my flight forward and as soon as I got to Madrid I filed a complaint because I think they are extorting me.” And he revealed one of the phrases in the message: “Tell Alvaro that I’ve already screwed his partner and if he doesn’t pay me 1500 euros I’ll go on TV and screw him over.” The rider claims that it was she who contacted him through Instagram: “I was alone in Madrid and I said ‘Why not’. He tells me that he is in Valladolid, that if I pay for the train, I will make him a bizum and he will appear. I find him very well and when I leave, he asks me to pay for the taxi and the return train ticket. Two days later she calls me and tells me that her father is very ill in Colombia, that he is dying, and asks me to lend her 700 euros. I tell her that at the end of the month I will give her 100 euros and she gets angry. Two days later he tells me that he is going to talk to María José and that he is going to go on TV.” The businessman wanted to emphasize that the relationship was consensual and that at no time did he request sexual services: “In fact, she contacted me on Instagram, not me.”

Escassi has also acknowledged that he has relationships with trans women: “They are wonderful and I don’t see the problem. Everyone who knows me knows it, my children, María José… I don’t understand why the headline is that Escassi had a consensual sexual relationship with a trans woman. What is a crime is that they blackmail me.”Lara Dibildos’ ex-boyfriend denies having paid Valeri the 1500 euros that he supposedly owed him: “Someone please show me the invoice, an audio, a message… There is no payment because it was not that type of relationship.” The panelists show him a document that he had allegedly signed, the agreement he had allegedly reached with Valeri: “I have not signed anything at all”he says. “If she says yes, then an expert, a graphologist, will come and see it.”

Very angry, Escassi has stated: “If she talks about me in a magazine or a programme, she will have to prove it because she has been accused of extortion. And I assure you that I am not going to come back here to defend myself against this woman. I will defend myself in court against her and against the media that cover her.” Regarding the alleged videos or photographs that she may have and that could come to light, he says: “I don’t know if she has them or not. She sends the bizum to María José and tells her that we have been together. She believes it because I don’t deny it.”

Finally, he has assured that he is not a sex addict, as some claim, but he has enjoyed and enjoys his sexuality freely: “I’ve tried everything, I’ve experimented a lot and I know for sure that I like women. I don’t consider myself bisexual, but I love human beings.”. And she added: “My environment knows it, my friends, my children… I don’t put labels. A ‘trans’ woman is a woman and I’ve been with several.” “Have you been with men?” Archidona asked. “I think I’ve already answered you, right? I’ve tried everything,” her guest replied.