Escassi reveals to Susanna Griso the reality behind the email that María José Suárez received: victim of extortion

Alvaro Muñoz Escassi is in the spotlight after the reason why it was revealed on Tuesday Maria Jose Suarez She broke up with him. At the end of June, the model received an email containing very sensitive information. Structured in five points, the email revealed the name of the woman with whom her now ex-boyfriend was being unfaithful and also included images and audios with details about their sexual practices. The Sevillian now claims to be the victim of extortion.

This is what he himself told Susanna Gray this Tuesday by telephone. Public mirror He spoke of Escassi’s disloyalty to the model and he took the opportunity to warn the presenter, outside the set, that she was the victim of a case of “extortion”. “Is a delicate topic”the journalist has advanced.

“He has been the victim of extortion and he has filed a lawsuit against her in court and he downplays everything else,” he added, giving way to Gema López, who gave more details on this matter. “The email has a date: June 22. Behind it there is a person who has a motivation for sending the email. He does not call the press, he writes to María José and the motivation is money. Is it blackmail or a debt?” she said, adding: ““Is this extortion or am I demanding money from you that we had agreed upon?”.

“I’ll claim it whenever I want because it’s my money. I’m not going to the press, but I’m going to tell someone else. And I’ll tell Alvaro one thing. If there’s been a complaint, which I haven’t seen, that person will have to go to court and maybe everything that you don’t want to be told will end up being told, In that email the person tells Maria Jose many things“, Lopez said.

According to the communicator, “after that email, the person who received the money contacted María José via WhatsApp and told her: ‘I have proof of what I’m going to tell you, photos, messages and I have a recording. Does it sound familiar to you that there could be more images? I’ll stop there. Money and images, evidence that reaches María José that certifies that there is not just one disloyalty but that there is more,” he concluded.

This information comes after the jockey admitted to TardeAR that he and the model had been estranged for several months. “In recent months we have grown apart, there was a crisis, and at that time we lived separately,” he said. Words that left Suárez stunned. “We have been together for three years and today I found out that we had broken up on one occasion,” she later told the press. “I haven’t been with other people in these three years”lament.